Are You Rehydrating for Optimal Health?

(NewsUSA) – Everyone knows that water is essential for life and health, but not all water is the same. Ionized alkaline water, for instance, takes full advantage of the science of hydration.
Scientists can measure hydration, or dehydration, by the thickness of blood, also known as blood viscosity. The more dehydrated you are, the thicker your blood becomes. Chronic dehydration can have negative effects, which is why water is so important to our bodies.
Water that is produced through an ionization process yields a pure water with a high pH level that has shown to be more effective at reducing blood viscosity and improving rehydration than a leading bottled water brand, according to a recently published clinical study.
The study, published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (JISSN), used a sample of 100 healthy adults (50 men and 50 women) aged 25 to 49 years, who were randomized to drink either standard purified bottled water or Essentia, a high-pH, ionized alkaline water. Those who drank the Essentia water following exercis-induced dehydration showed significantly better rehydration compared to the other leading bottled-water brand.
“These findings underscore Essentia’s superior impact on hydration, important to a variety of lifestyles, and reinforces our commitment to providing a unique, effective, and quality product,” says the company in a statement. In addition, Essentia is the only bottled water featured in the Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR) to alert clinicians to the latest research on optimal hydration.
Essentia’s unique ionization process consists of three specific parts. First, water from any source is passed through micro-filters, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet exposure to achieve a purity of 99.9 percent. Pure alkaline electrolytes such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium bicarbonate are infused in trace amounts creating a perfect blend for a clean, smooth taste.
From there, bitter-tasting acidic water ions are removed, producing an ionized-9.5-ph-or-higher alkaline water that’s better at rehydrating.
Essentia’s bottles are free of BPA (bisphenol A and phthalates), and are recyclable anywhere in the United States.
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